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The Pathfinder® series of remote mechanical microwave mounts features the Marksman®.  The Marksman® is especially designed to move microwave dishes remotely and with extreme precision, to avoid having to send crews to sites to make optimization / adjustments.   These mounts are extremely durable, fully tested, move 25 to -25 degrees azimuth/bearing, 10 degrees up-tilt, 10 degrees down-tilt, with all movements being controlled at 1/10th of 1 degree at a time!

“In my over 30 years of telecom experience, I cannot count how many times I have seen crews dispatched to realign microwave dishes; sometimes the same sites 2 or more times within a year.  I have seen crews have to rent track machines, snowmobiles, even helicopters to get to remote sites or sites during bad weather.  The Pathfinder® series of microwave mounts is an industry Game Changer®,” George Atamian, Chief Operating Officer, Radiarc® Technologies, L.L.C. 

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