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The Game Changer® Series, for panel antennas, features:
The Coverage King®
The Site Saver®

The Pathfinder® Series, for microwave antennas, features:
The Marksman®

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Radiarc Coverage King
AISG In-Line Motorized Mount Model: FFAZDT2

Radiarc’s Coverage King is an AISG compatible antenna mounting system that provides remote mechanical azimuth/bearing and down-tilt adjustments in addition to, and inline with any existing internal electrical azimuth and tilt (RET) functionality. The FFAZD2 Coverage King uses AISG compatible motor control units and AISG compatible control and monitoring systems to make adjustments to the physical orientation of the antenna in addition to the internal electrical down-tilt adjustments. An AISG azimuth control unit drives the horizontal movement of the antenna through a 120 degree range of azimuth/bearing angle positions (180 degree range available by special order).  A second AISG control unit provides an independent 20 degree range of mechanical down-tilt positions.  These movements, both azimuth/bearing and down-tilt, can be controlled in increments of 1/10thof 1 degree at a time!

Coverage KIng
Coverage King

Radiarc Site Saver
AISG In-Line Motorized Mount Model: HZAZ2

If down-tilt capabilities are not required, the Radiarc HZAZ2 Site Saver  provides the same horizontal functionality as the Coverage King, without the added cost and functionality of mechanical down-tilt capabilities.

Site Saver, azimuth only model, as shown with optional PVC base and mount, sold to a nationwide carrier for use in their lab for testing next generation antennas.

Radiarc Pathfinder Series Marksman AISG or IP In-Line Motorized Mount Model: MWUTDTAZ1

The Pathfinder® series of remote mechanical microwave mounts features the Marksman®.  The Marksman® is especially designed to move microwave dishes remotely and with extreme precision, to avoid having to send crews to sites to make optimization / adjustments.  These mounts are extremely durable, fully tested, move 25 to -25 degrees azimuth/bearing (much more available by special order), 10 degrees up-tilt, 10 degrees down-tilt, with all movements being controlled at 1/10th of 1 degree at a time!

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