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Over 25 years of telecommunication site acquisition, construction and site optimization experience

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Our Story

Radiarc Technologies was founded by a group of people who believe that the future network is open and automated, and that you should be able to adjust your network 24/7 365 with the push of a button from anywhere in the world.

After repeatedly going to the same locations to make onsite adjustments, and a near miss, we were determined to create a way to make adjustments remotely, thereby reducing climbing, saving money, and providing instant control of your network.

Radiarc’s solutions are the Coverage King and the Marksman remote controlled mounts. Radiarc offers reliable and cost-effective wireless solutions giving you the ability to instantly adjust your antenna and microwave dish without the cost of dispatching a crew to the location.

Radiarc’s versatile software gives you the ability to work with all AISG control systems, as well as other RS485 serial command interfaces.

Leadership Team

Phil Clifford

Phil Clifford

Stephen J Holmes

Stephen J. Holmes

Chief Technology Officer
Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford

Vice President Business Development

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Member of NATE